Sevilla (Valle del Cauca)


As taken from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, Sevilla is situated on a  peaceful plateau, surround by incredible mountains.


Caressed by a light breeze, flooded by the aroma of coffee, Sevilla has the most beautiful and unique architecture that has made famous the "Viejo Caldas" casa de bareque de amplisimos corredores y caballetes de guadua.


Inhabited by people who really love their land, they have baptized Sevilla as "The Coffee Capital of Colombia".




Gomez Mora S.A. - Café La Mina

Carrera 51 No. 52 - 23 | Teléfono: +57 2 219 6148 Fax: +57 2 219 6352 | Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, Sur América

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