Generation after generation has dedicated their lives to only one thing: cultivating the best coffee beans.


This hard work does not wait for the deserved fruits currently the GOMEZ MORA FAMILY is whole company, and proudly belongs to Sevilla and to Colombia.


THE GOMEZ MORA COMPANY understands that this success is owed to their people. Therefore, they carry full responsibility and compromise with all employees and with the region. The Company is committed with giving job opportunities and welfare, as well as health, education, and entertainment.


This craft industry makes GOMEZ MORA Coffee a

"Home-Made Product".




A hard working and loving family has grown up over the years in the midst of this romantic landscape; THE GOMEZ MORA FAMILY.


Gomez Mora S.A. - Café La Mina

Carrera 51 No. 52 - 23 | Teléfono: +57 2 219 6148 Fax: +57 2 219 6352 | Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, Sur América

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