This coffee is warehoused and washed with transparent spring water.


Then, the coffee grains are exposed under the generous Sevillan sun until the dried process is perfect. Once the coffee grain reached what is called "café pergamino" stage, it is threshed, it means, to take off the yellow husk from the grain.


After this, the coffee grain becomes what is know as "Green Coffee". followed, an experienced group of country women select each coffee grain, as traditional Sevillan lyrics are sung.


Finally these selected coffee grains are packed in traditional bags made from "fique".


To see how the products is sowed and harvested will amaze and charmed to anyone. As if the "Time stops": "Chapoleras" always smiling with colorful dresses; countrymen weeding fields, fertilizing and pruning coffee trees; with no tools but their own hands. Collectors carry their wicker baskets full of red coffee grains; coming down from the Sevilla hills under the warm sunshine.


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